Air Purifier Hidden Video Camera Wireless System

     2800 Series


Fully functional air purifier with color  high resolution miniature video camera and four-channel FCC-approved Part 15 Low Power 1000 ft. (Wireless option contains also a 2.4 GHz wireless video transmitter with 3dB receiver). Plug the Air Purifier into an electrical outlet. This makes the unit operable & begins transmission immediately to the Receiver Unit.

Behind the front face of the Air Purifier, there is a channel selector switch to set the channel for transmission. If using more than 1 transmitter, additional units must be assigned to unique channels (2, 3 or 4). Channel needs to be selected any time the unit is turned off and powered up again because the transmitter automatically resets to channel #1.

The air purifier can be ordered with either of 3 different transmitter outputs; 10 mW, 55 mW & 400 mW.