Pencil Sharpener Hidden Video Camera

pencil sharpener
3600 Series

With no installation required, this pencil sharpener camera is the perfect fit for anyone in need of a simple covert video surveillance solution in a residential or commercial environment. The sharpener is the last thing someone would suspect as a hidden camera. The pencil sharpener comes with a built in pinhole surveillance camera concealed within the unit. The 3600 series sharpener camera comes available in 2 variations; a hardwired version and a wireless version. Feel free to contact one of our sales representatives for more information or to build a custom unit to fit your specific needs.

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Camera Specifications

Resolution  : 650 TV Lines 
Shutter Speed : 1/60 ~1/100,000 sec
Min Illumination  : 0.01 LUX (F12)
Video Output VBS : 1.0 Vp-p (75 ohm load)
White Balance  : AWB
Lens  : Fixed, Pin Hole, 3.6mm

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