Lightweight 1W transmitter

This is a 1.2GHz 1000mW wireless transmitter and receiver kit with audio and video, mainly used for CCTV cameras for long range wireless surveillance.2.4GHZ 12 Channel Receiver

With reliable performance and light weight, it is also used in the line of FPV system, UAV, RC airplanes/helicopters, etc, Video and Data signals at the same time in cars of Unmanned Equipment.

The wireless transmitter has 4 channels; the frequencies are: 1.080GHz, 1.120GHz, 1.160GHz, 1.200GHz

(other frequencies can be customized).

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  •  Working Voltage: DC 5~12V
  • Output Frequency: 0.9G~2.4G
  • Channel: 4CHS, Video and Audio Synchronization
  • Output Power: 300mW~1000mW
  • Weight: only 22g
  • Dim (L*W*H): 60*28*10mm
  • Transmit Distance (Open/unobstructed space): 1000 ~ 2500m

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Package includes 

  • Transmitter
  • 12 channel Receiver
  • Antenna
  • Video cable and transmitter connecting cable
  • Power adapters for transmitter and receiver