Transmitter Receiver Set


2300 transmitter/receiver set 1.2GHz 12 Channels Receiver1.2GHz 12 Channels Receiver 5.8G 1200mW Wireless Transmitter  1.2GHz 1500mW Transmitter 1.2GHz 3000mW transmitter1.2GHz 3000mW transmitter 5.8G 600mW Wireless Transmitter 1.2GHz 12 Channels Receiver1.2GHz 12 Channels Receiver 1.2GHz 10W transmitter1.2GHz 10W transmitter 1.2GHz 5W transmitter 1.2G 2000mW transmitter 1.2GHz 800mW Transmitter 1.2GHz 400mW Transmitter 1.5GHz 1500mW Transmitter 1.5GHz 12 Channels Receiver1.5GHz 12 Channels Receiver 2.4GHz 1000mW Transmitter 2.4GHz 2000mW Transmitter 2.4GHz 400mW Transmitter 2.4GHz Mini Transmitter 2.4GHz 10mW Transmitter sectronicsWireless Waterproof AV Transmitter And Receiver

[/su_table].com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/transmitters_reciver.gif” alt=”transmitters_reciver” width=”230″ height=”183″ /> 2300TXRX

This compact wireless 2.4GHz Transmitter/Receiver Set with video and audio transmission capabilities is the fundamental part of any custom wireless surveillance

The 2300TXRX eliminates needless cables and facilitates covert surveillance from a remote location. Simply connect the 2300TX Transmitter to a camera and the 2300RX Receiver to either a TV, monitor or VCR to set up a wireless video/audio connection.


  • 2.4GHz wireless transmission (not interferes with 900MHz devices, i.e., cordless phones)
  • 10mW, 55mW, 250mW, and 750mW power transmitters available
  • 4 Channels, user selectable (10mW only)
  • LOS: Up to 1000′ (10mW), 2500′ (55mW), 1 Mile (250mW), 2 Mile (750 mW)
  • Indoors: 100′-200′ (10mW), 200′-300′ (55mW), 300-400′ (250mW), 400-500′ (750 mW)
  • Weatherproof housing available for outdoor applications